Sports Committee

Sports are very essential for every human life which keeps them fit and fine. It also improves the personality of people. Every sport or game must have healthy competition. Sports and games teach individual’s team-spirit. Humans have been playing sports and games since ancient times. It is said that education is incomplete without sports. Sports help in overall development of students. Participation in sports keeps them physically active and hence away from many diseases. When students are physically fit they can achieve more in studies. Apart from health benefits, sports teach us a lot about life. It teaches us team work, how to get along with others and achieve a common goal. We can learn values like discipline self confidence, responsibility, trust and sacrifice. Sports also teach us to deal with success and failure. Sports help in personality development and enhance sportsmanship. Young people can have bright career in sports field too. Good sports person will definitely lead his life with a positive attitude. Keeping all above in mind, and as our country India is now focusing on hosting the 2036 Summer Olympics, we promote our students to participate more in different sports. We provide them facilities like ground, sports equipments etc. We motivate them to participate not only in our college level sports but also to participate in GTU level, State level and National Level sports activities.

Convener Members
Shri Keval J. Patel (Auto)

Dr. D. G. Patel (S & H)

Shri Pranav B.Dhummad(Mech)

Smt A. D. Rana (Electrical)

Shri Alkesh A Rabari (Civil)

Shri D.M.Modi (EC)

Shri R. G.Chauhan (IT)

Shri Viral D.Parmar (Bio-Medical)

Shri S.V.Gandhi (IC)

Shri V. N. Soni (Computer)

Shri Shri M. K. Thakarar (Plastic)