Student Startups and Innovation Policy at GP Ahmedabad May 2019 – March 2022

Activities under SSIP

✔ It aimed at financially support to students in innovation and entrepreneurship

✔ Various sensitization programs are taken place to motivate students

✔ Webinars/Seminars/Expert talks are arranged to guide the students


✔ Four STTPs are organized at the institute since 2016 with 150 participants

Achievements of SSIP Cell of Government Polytechnic Ahmedabad

✔ Total 42 applications are received for the PoCs (Proof of Cocept) support and one application for patent support.

✔ TTotal 74.45 % utilization of the grant for the year of 2019-20.

✔ Total 5100 students are outreached by connecting seminars and workshops.

✔ Total 22 workshop and seminars are conducted by SSIP Cell in the year of 2019-20.

✔ Fab-Lab was developed through GEM Purchasing process.

✔ All the faculty members and head of departments have attended different training under the SSIP Cell like IPR, Start-up Runway and NICE at i-Hub Gujarat and Faculty Development Program at EDII,Gandhinagar.

✔ First student patent was filed by Bhavsar OM, Student of Mechanical Department for their PoC concept. The innovation title was “SUN AQUA VAPOUR FILTER” on 23rd September 2020.The patent application number was 202021041169.

SSIP Details-Grant Status

Year. Grant Released Rs. in Lacs Previous Year Grant Rs in Lacs Total Grant Rs. in Lacs. Grant Utilized Rs. in Lacs Utilization
2019-20 5.00 0 5.00 3.72lacs 74.45
2020-21 3.75 1.28 5.03 0.63lacs 12.52
Total 8.75   4.35 49.71

Financial Outcome of Quarter-II(2020-21)

1. Capacity Building Utilization (RS) = Rs. 21,500/-

2. Patent Filing (RS) = Rs. 9,500/-

3. Tinkering/ Fab Lab (RS) = Rs.29,064/-

4. Administrative Expanses (RS) = Rs.1,500/-

5. Other(RS) = Rs.413/-

Total RS = Rs.61,977/-

Milestones Achieved

SR. Milestone
MOU Target Achieved
1 Students Outreached 3500 5100
2 Innovative Students Project 30 0
3 PoC 30 0
4 Patents 3 1
5 Student Start-ups 36 0
Incubation Space & Facilities
Seed Funding
Prototyping Grant
6 Workshops/Conferences/Seminars 10 22


✔ All head of department and faculty attained IPR Training

✔ Students from different PoC Group are also attained IPR training

✔ 10 faculties attained Start up Runway Program

GIC Funded SSIP Projects & Start up Initiated

Product. Department Name of Student Name of Mentor Grant in Rs.
Multi Wave Heater Instrumentation and Control Dhruv Panchal Zankhana Mehta 1,53,000
Nitya Jal Instrumentation and Control Dhyey Patel Urvish Soni 25000
Mr. Dhruv Panchal is doing start-up for his technical innovation
Mr. Dhyey Patel is doing prototyping for his technical innovation

Research & Publication

Sr. No. Activity Nos. Remarks
1 No. of Faculties Pursuing PhD 24 --
2 Patent Filled by Faculty 2 During AY 2019-20
3 Technical Paper Published by Faculty 38 Since April 2017
4 No. of Faculties working as Reviewers in prestigious international journal 2 --
5 Technical Book Published by Faculty 4 Last three years